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Gilberto RosasHello! I’m Gilberto Rosas and I’m a big fan of blogs. During the last years I’ve been behind some blogs. I really like writing about some specific topics. I decided to start ProBlogTutorial to help people like you to start a blog from zero, to show the benefits of blogging and even to teach how to make money with it.

Some people know me by my first name Jesús Rosas. I have another blog about my trips and photography around the world. You can check it out here: www.jesusrosas.com

I’m from Mexico, I studied in Brigham Young University in the United States and now I’m behind this blog to help you to start your own blog. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience, it doesn’t matter if you are young or 99 years old. I hope you feel comfortable connecting with me. If at any time you have questions or suggestions about how to create a blog or make money with it or link it to your business, just leave a comment below any article. I also recommend you to subscribe to ProBlogTutorial so you receive notifications of any new posts. Remember, you are not alone. I’m here to help you.

So I wish you the best in this new journey and thank you for checking out ProBlogTutorial.



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